My Step-by-Step Process for crafting a Standout Resume so you can start getting interviews and up-level your career, whether you're an entry-level or highly experienced corporate professional.


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In This Workshop Course



How to Create a Resume That Gets Read and Gets You Interviews

Stand out from your peers and start getting interviews for your dream role


Phase 1: Get Clear On Your Target Role

  • Learn how to make sure your resume lands at the top of the pile with a clear target role 
  • Find out the exact KEYWORDS to use that position you as the perfect fit for your dream role
  • How to read job descriptions and get into the employer's head to give you a competitive edge


Phase 2: Create A Captivating Resume Profile

  • Find out EXACTLY what to include in your profile to impress hiring managers
  • 3 key ingredients for a resume profile that sets you apart from your peers
  • How to brand yourself and entice them to read your entire resume and schedule you in for an interview


Phase 3: Showcase Your Marketable Experience

  • Impressive achievements: learn the exact steps to create accomplishment bullets that makes them want to meet you for a job interview
  • Resume formatting: how to format your resume with my fill-in-the blanks template
  • The exact content that MUST be included in your resume

"Before my work with Danielle, my job search was a big struggle! In university and high school, they never taught us how to actually write a resume or cover letter and my resume was not getting me any interviews for over 6 months. Danielle taught me how to write a resume that caught the eye of so many recruiters. It landed me an interview for my dream job in a completely different industry, and I still get contacted by recruiters on the strength of my resume and LinkedIn profile!"

Chattra P.

Here's Everything You Get With

The Standout Resume Workshop Course


3-part process and video series teaching you how to create your Standout Resume:
  • Everything you need to create your resume and ensure you're positioning yourself as the best candidate for your dream role. 
  • ​Includes examples and step by step instruction to find the most relevant keywords to include.
  • ​How to showcase your skills and experience in a way that clearly demonstrates the results you can deliver for a prospective employer that makes them more likely to want to interview and hire you. 
Standout Resume Downloadable PDF Worksheets  
  • ​PDF worksheets that help you implement everything you'll learn in the video training and get all key components of your resume done. 
  • ​Includes examples and space for you to work on your resume elements as you learn. 
Fill-in-the-blank Standout Resume Template 
  • ​Get your resume done quickly with my customizable, fill-in-the-blanks Resume Template, set up in the recruiter preferred format. 

A Note From Danielle...


When I realized that most ambitious professionals aren’t taught the strategies, tactics and skills they need to grow their career, I became obsessed with spreading the word of what’s possible when you do. 
The potential growth in your career can significantly increase your earnings over your lifetime, not to mention your job satisfaction! 
But like anything else, it requires skill and know how that’s often not taught in school or in a way that’s current and relevant. 
As a former senior sales leader with global corporations and today as a career coach, mentor and life coach, I’m obsessed with teaching you the skills you need to create and enjoy the career of your dreams. 
It often starts with writing a resume and in this workshop course, I show you how to create one that truly STANDOUTS from your peers and gets you to the top of that resume stack and in the door for job interviews. 
I can’t wait to see you in the training!


BUY NOW [$199 USD]

I teach you my step-by-step process for crafting a Standout Resume so that you can: 

  • Start getting interviews and offers for your dream position
  • Showcase your skills and experience in a way that makes you attractive to your ideal employer
  • Know exactly what your resume needs to look like, no matter what level of experience you have
  • Get clarity on what to include/not include and how to format your Standout Resume